Fish N Chips Cooking Show

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e_fish_chipsCook your own fish n chips online.




Infos zum Linktipp

Linktipp Fish N Chips
Unterrichtsthema Learn how to cook fish and chips.
Sprachniveau A1-A2. Can be „played“ on any level if the teacher helps with some words.
Schulstufe 5. – 9.
Typ Arbeitsblatt, Aufgabe, Lernmaterial, Übung, Spiel

Go to and follow the instructions.


Idee zum Unterrichtseinsatz

A playful way of preparing the traditional British dish!



Definitely worth trying even at an early language level.

No problem on Windows PCs with Flash! Use the Puffin Browser on the iPad and on Android tablets!

“A wonderful way of learning how to cook!”

Ihr ePilot Walter Steinkogler.


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