Connect Fours Quiz

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e_connect_foursFind four words or terms that go under one umbrella term connecting these four words. You need four sets of words for one quiz game that you can create online.


Infos zum Linktipp

Unterrichtsthema Creative work with words, terms and vocabulary. You can also use names from a story or a film, geographical names, artists, etc.
Sprachniveau A1-A2. Can be „played“ on any level.
Schulstufe 5. – 9.
Typ Arbeitsblatt, Aufgabe, Lernmateria, Übung
  1. First, students play an online quiz game to learn how the game works.
    For example: Connect Fours OR  Walter’s Text Quiz
  2. Then they form teams of two and choose four umbrella terms and find four words for each term.  (You can provide a worksheet  for this task: ePilot_Connect_Fours_Quiz_Worksheet).
        • Go to  Connect Fours and click the button „Create New Game“
        • Type in the words in the following format: blue*red*green*yellow*COLOURS
        • You can create as many sets of words as you like. The programme randomly chooses four sets of words for each game.
        • The student teams exchange the internet links of their games (don’t forget to copy that link!) and play the games of the other teams.

For the teacher: Save the links to the new games of your students in your learning platform. You need these links to edit the quizzes – in case there are typos, etc.


Idee zum Unterrichtseinsatz

This kind of quiz is similar to a BBC TV show, so this should be played in teams of  two or three.


“Definitely worth trying even at an early language level.

Ihr ePilot Walter Steinkogler.


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