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ePlilot_E_wordsFight against the clock! Can you guess the 100 most common words in English in 5 minutes?  Or how many words can you make out of the letters of the word TOASTER or THROUGH?


Infos zum Linktipp

Unterrichtsthema Words and vocabulary
Sprachniveau The film is told in the Past Tense.
Fachliche Kompetenzzuordnung Talking about past events.
Schulstufe 5./10.
Typ Spiel


Idee zum Unterrichtseinsatz

The 100 most common words in the English language quiz can be made already with beginners. All you need is a data projector and a PC with internet access. You can do it with the whole class and everybody can contribute.

This is a good opportunity to teach word classes (conjunctions, prepositions, verbs, articles, etc.)

This exercise can be repeated after a while as it is a wonderful competition against the clock.


“The word-mix exercises (with TOASTER and THROUGH) foster a creative approach to word formation.“

Ihr ePilot Walter Steinkogler.



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