Robot Tutor Mike

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ePilot_englisch_robotConversation with a robot tutor.



Infos zum Linktipp

Linktipp Practice English with Mike
Unterrichtsthema Conversation
Schulstufe 6. – 8.
Digitales Kompetenzmodell 2.4. Mensch-Maschine Schnittstelle
Typ Übung, Lernmaterial

Select a situation and listen to a conversation (and read the text) to practise conversational dialogues. Then make use of your new skills and use some of these phrases in a conversation with the robot tutor Mike.


Idee zum Unterrichtseinsatz

Go to the following website ( select a topic and train one of these situational conversations. Then train your skills in a conversation with the robot tutor Mike. Try to show that the answers are obviously from a „robot“ (a machine). Write down these answers and report them in class.


“Show that your „partner“ in this conversation is a robot!“

Have fun!
Ihr ePilot Walter Steinkogler.


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