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ePilot_EAdapted e-books for free on five different language levels. Some even with audiobooks.



Infos zum Linktipp

  • Unterrichtsthema: Reading (and listening to) a longer story
  • Schulstufe: ab der 6.
  • Sprachniveau: from A1 to B2
  • Typ: Lektüre
  • Fachliche Kompetenzzuordnung: Reading comprehension

Download adapted e-books on the elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced level for FREE in the epub, mobi, fb2, rtf and txt format.


Link zum Angebot


Idee zum Unterrichtseinsatz

As a teacher you will select the e-books according to the language levels or/and according to the genres novel, crime, detective, horror, adventure, thriller, drama, fairytale, comedy and fiction. The next criterion may be the number of words. Some of the e-books are even available as audiobooks, but be careful: there is a business model behind the download and you have to be careful and patient to find the FREE download!



Especially valuable for kids with digital devices like tablets etc.


“A wonderful choice of free e-books! On the elementary level there are Mr.Bean, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Patricia Highsmith and many more in a range from a total of 2000 – 4000 words out of about 450 unique words.“

Ihr ePilot Walter Steinkogler.


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